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Simply innovative
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Ready for the future?

// Current vacancies

// Welcome to ELWEMA,
where careers have excellent prospects!

As a global market leader, we focus on innovation, quality, and efficiency. “SIMPLY INNOVATIVE” is our mission statement and at the same time an invitation to all 180 employees to passionately put these values into practice. We are therefore always looking for innovative minds who can contribute towards shaping the future.

We consider ourselves to be innovative, creative, dynamic and like a family, in part because of the cooperation between younger and more experienced members of staff. This is because we believe that it is only possible to achieve long-term success if everyone can utilise and develop their unique potential as part of a team.

Mitarbeiter verschiedenen Alters an Tischen im Aufenthaltsraum bei ELWEMA
Christine Fuchs
A company’s employees are both its heart and its future.
Christine Fuchs
Assistentin der Technischen Leitung und
Ausbilderin für Technische Produktdesigner*innen
seit 2011 bei ELWEMA

// We love Ellwangen

The town of Ellwangen, where our main office is located, has already been awarded the quality mark “Excellent place to live for qualified specialists and managerial staff” by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of East Württemberg for the second time. Ellwangen does particularly well when it comes to opportunities for a work-life balance.

// Current vacancies for professionals

Innovation is our drive, technology is our inspiration and we view challenges as opportunities. If you think the way we do, you should find out more about us.

// A top employer

Yourfirm, the leading online job portal for medium-sized enterprises in German-speaking countries, has named us as a “Top Employer in Medium-Sized Businesses” for the fifth time in a row.

A spirit of innovation and creativity – our potential to meet day-to-day challenges.
Peter Hürtgen
Ingenieur in der Forschung und Entwicklung
seit 2008 bei ELWEMA
Peter Hürtgen

// Training and studying with ELWEMA

You’ll soon be finished and leaving school behind you. You can look forward to an exciting professional life. Where might you fit in at ELWEMA?

Jens Bosch
“Together we are stronger” is our motto, no matter which department you’re in.
Jens Bosch
Monteur Prüftechnik
seit 2012 bei ELWEMA

// Work experience, vacation jobs and more

Would you like to gain some first impressions of the fascinating world of mechanical engineering and automation technology?

Or are you looking for an exciting opportunity to get practical experience during your studies?

At ELWEMA, we offer you a wide range of opportunities to gain valuable insights and to get your career started.

You can find more information here …

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