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Simply innovative
erfahrener, älterer Herr mit Brille und junge Frau mit Visionen

Vacancies for professionals

// We are ELWEMA: “Simply Innovative”

#Innovative and dynamic

// Future-oriented technologies for the world

We work for many sectors all around the world. Renowned companies appreciate our innovative systems for wide-ranging applications just as much as our enthusiasm and service.

#Quality and efficiency

// Continuous process improvement for excellent quality

Our customers associate the name “ELWEMA” with premium quality in accordance with globally recognised standards. Our quality management system’s focus on processes is instrumental in this. However, we are also able to provide effective, high-quality solutions thanks to our collaborative relationships with customers.

Konstrukteur am Arbeitsplatz mit zwei Bildschirmen bei der Entwicklung einer ELWEMA Montageanlage

#Customer focus and service

// Everyone benefits from success

We not only define our company’s success by economic outcomes but also customer satisfaction. To achieve this, the way in which we think and act concentrates on solutions and results.

It is our aim to continuously improve in all areas, whether with respect to quality, environmental issues, information security, occupational health and safety, or service. This enables us to provide flawless products of the highest quality and to provide customer satisfaction with expertise, reliability and punctuality.

#Leadership and corporate culture

// Strong as part of an enthusiastic team

Our corporate culture is characterised just as much by flat hierarchies as it is by collaboration across departments and locations. All of our employees, whether younger or more experienced, share part of the responsibility.

Managerial staff are tasked with motivating and encouraging workers – and recognising individual achievements.

#Prospects and further development

// Grow through lifelong learning

Having satisfied and motivated employees who identify with the company is an important prerequisite to performing our complex tasks. This is why we give everyone the opportunity to train for ever-changing challenges through regular training sessions and other further training activities.

#Motivation and satisfaction

// Good performance must be worth the effort

Our employees play a significant role in shaping the company. Each and every individual counts. ELWEMA therefore offers work-life balance models, such as flexible working hours, remote working, customised part-time models, healthcare management and, needless to say, an appropriate compensation package, including capital forming savings payments and the “Ellwanger Jobgutschein” (an employee voucher to be spent at Ellwangen-based businesses).

// Welcome to ELWEMA –
welcome to the team

// Can’t find anything suitable? Submit a speculative application.

From entry level to managerial staff – we are always looking for highly motivated employees to join our teams.

#Sustainability and responsibility

// Responsible mindsets and actions

We believe that taking environmental and social responsibility starts with analysing and evaluating the social and environmental impact of our products and methods during the design and development stage. We use raw materials and energy sparingly and produce as little waste, wastewater and as few other emissions as possible.

It goes without saying that we comply with the relevant environmental standards. Our environmental management system has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.


A responsible mindset also covers social issues

All people deserve our respect and protection, regardless of their background or gender. For example, it is our stated aim to ensure healthy working conditions that are free from accidents. We all play our part in taking responsibility – whether assembling machines at our plant or operating equipment at our customer’s premises.

ELWEMA Mitarbeiter mit Laptop vor einer Maschine