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Simply innovative

For a service life that you have come to expect from ELWEMA

// Inspections, maintenance and checks

Preventive service for greater safety

ELWEMA is not only a manufacturer, we also offer comprehensive services to maintain the process reliability, availability and performance of your systems. Optimal, continuous productivity is ensured by regular, preventive maintenance and the replacement of critical components before they fail.

// Retrofits and updates

Sustainable and flexible for changing requirements

For older machines, a complete retrofit is worthwhile, with new parts, new software and adaptation to new requirements. Treat your systems with an effective makeover to restore the system performance and to improve the availability – and reap the benefits of a new longer life cycle.

// Training courses and technical seminars

Become an expert and get the most out of your system

Training courses and technical seminars can improve system utilisation in your workplace. We offer a variety of seminars on innovative special systems in the R-P-M® area and how to operate and maintain them for different target groups, both in theory and in practice.

  • FOR EVERY LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE Our wide range of training courses is aimed at both beginners and experts.
  • FLEXIBILITY Training courses can be held at any location – either at our premises or directly on-site.
    Optimally equipped seminar rooms and training directly on the machine with experienced instructors.
  • PRACTICAL LEARNING A perfect blend of practice and theory ensures that students gain long-term knowledge of subject areas.

// Subject areas

  • Operator training
  • Training for maintenance
  • Technical seminars in the following areas:
    • Industrial cleaning technology
    • Industrial assembly technology
    • Industrial testing technology